Dream Jobs, Pants and Buzzfeed

What a week.

Rather, what a few weeks. I do apologize for the brief hiatus, but midterms, training and BuzzFeed seem to have gotten in the way of things these last few weeks. I have, however, logged some of my perusing thoughts. Here’s a list of some of the random thoughts that have flowed through my mind these past few weeks:

That girl needs to put some pants on.

This is my dream job.

Whenever I talk about my legs I use the editorial “we.” For example: We’re having a great day today. We’re a little tired.

Having my brother in the same state for longer than a week makes me so happy.

Just one more BuzzFeed quiz. One more.

Do we ever really know why we’re crying?

I just need chocolate. Where is my chocolate?

All I really want to do is swim, bike and run, and then write about it.

I promise I’m wearing pants.

I think I ate too much bacon.

I just, I just can’t.

I love my friends.

Growing up is hard.

I’m feeling fat today.

Ration the granola. Ration it.

*Insert every piece of profanity in the book screaming out in my head* Audible: a deep sigh.

I’m not mentally prepared for spandex.

This is difficult.

Good job, Samantha!

Lentils and rice is the best combination to ever emerge from my microwave.

I’m never taking a science class again.

That was so hard… Okay, now let’s do it again.

I hope that smell is the chemistry building about to spontaneously combust.

I am in love with a bicycle.

Make it two. I am in love with two bicycles. And a pair of wheels.

I should have known reformatory road led to the Pendleton prison…

Okay, I should turn around now.

The best part about this long ride is that no one has to know I just had an entire conversation with a field of cows.

Don’t you people know it’s bedtime?

Just stop being successful, just stop.

That’s petty, Samantha, get that out of your mind.

Deep breath, fetal position, cry it out… Good. Now go run.

I am fit. I am athletic. I am attractive. (Repeated three times daily in front of the mirror).

They keep the Somali pirates at the Pendleton Prison?! I got lost on a ride and ended up there…

Holding a shaker bottle with Ultragen: am I fratty yet?

This is so exciting.

I secretly really enjoy the looks I get when I’m drenched in sweat at the gym.

My abs aren’t in enough pain; I need to do another set of planks.

This banana is absolute perfection.

Own it, Samantha. Own it.

I am where I need to be.

*High fives self*

If you can’t quite decipher what this stream of consciousness actually means, that’s perfectly okay. Nine times out of ten I don’t even know what’s going on in my mind. It’s a process.

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