Habit forming role models

As promised, I’m back at the keyboard.

I wanted to avoid this and continue scrolling Instagram, but I thought better of it. I can watch 10 second videos of professional triathletes riding on the trainer some other time, for now I have a habit to form.

While this daily blogging habit idea has been a personal goal for quite some time, the extra push needed to make it a reality came from a role model of mine, Lauren Fleshman. Yes, I know – I said I wouldn’t base my personal “flashes of brilliance” on others’ own habits, but Lauren Fleshman is an exception. While I’ve only interacted with her via twitter (@laurenfleshman), I feel like I know her. She is a fantastic writer, writing about the true struggles a professional athlete, mom and entrepreneur endures with zero boundaries, making her blog incredibly relatable and inspiring. I hope to muster up the courage to bare all, the good and the bad, the successes and the pitfalls, with those around me. When I am unsure of what to do or where to go next, I find myself on her website, scouring the Ask Lauren Fleshman questions and answers, sure someone else has experienced this dilemma. More often than not they have, and Lauren further confirms that we are not alone. We are never alone.

Lauren Fleshman is real. She is brilliant, witty, passionate and genuine. She is an incredible athlete, but an even better person. Her stories serve as a reminder that no matter what happens down the road, it will all be okay. No matter how insurmountable today’s challenges may seem, nothing is impossible.

While, yes, this is essentially an elongated tweet expressing my admiration for an elite athlete I have never met – who happens to be married to another idol of mine, Jesse Thomas, but that’s only slightly relevant – it is also a sentiment toward the future and what I aspire to become. An individual as powerful, humble and determined as Lauren Fleshman. Someone with the courage to share my story with the world, because for all I know there may be another young girl, looking for a reason to keep dreaming, and maybe, just maybe, I can eventually be the one to help fuel that dream. By sharing my story. By helping others realize they are not alone. By shining light on the endless possibilities before us. Here’s to dreaming – and then writing about it. Thanks, Lauren.


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