Heart and Coeur-age – joining Team Coeur for 2015!

I am thrilled to announce that I have joined Team Coeur for 2015!

Coeur is a women’s endurance apparel brand that has made navigating the intimidating world of spandex and race kits not just tolerable, but enjoyable. Coeur’s clothing line is where fashion meets function, and ends the “pink it and shrink it” conundrum for too many female endurance athletes. In addition to bringing women’s specific apparel to the triathlon community, Coeur also brings a resounding message of racing, training and living with heart and courage, a message I am proud to have the opportunity to stand with.

I met Coeur’s founder while visiting a women’s fitness conference last summer during my internship with Triathlete Magazine. She is genuine, driven and embodies the lifestyle Coeur encourages: one of relentlessly pursuing what you love. I am confident that Coeur will not only bring fashion, comfort and confidence to women toeing starting lines across the world, but will also foster a communal and courageous leap forward for women in the triathlon community.

From the moment I lined up for my first triathlon, I have been overwhelmed by the positive engagement, encouragement and inspiration within the community, and Coeur will bring many driven, accomplished and courageous women to connect and inspire with to this ever-growing community. Among these women is a role model of mine, Katie Hursey. Katie has her eyes set on Rio 2016, and it is inspiration to watch her journey from rising star in the ITU circuit to Olympic-hopeful. I aspire to train and race with the same heart and courage as professionals like Katie.

Looking back, I have often called 2014 a trying year, a year of testing my patience and ability to cope with adversity, but I seem to have forgotten about the many great things that have happened this year, particularly in my athletic endeavors. This is the year I drove across the country to intern and live in triathlon’s birthplace, San Diego. This is the year I learned to put my health and passion before my stubbornness and fear. This is the year I got to compete on an international scale, making great friends along the way. This is the year a great friend and training partner of mine flourished in the sport and shared some of his successes with me. This is the year that I found a support group that refuses to settle and has taught me that I don’t have to. This is the year I fell in love with riding my bike. This is the year I realized that I too harbor heart and courage for this fun, exciting and encouraging part of my life.

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