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What’s AIP again? An autoimmune healing update

I ditched the autoimmune protocol. It happened gradually and yet quite suddenly. One day I was on board, the next I was not. I didn’t reintroduce everything in a day. I was (somewhat) systematic in my reintroductions; I didn’t want three-plus months of strictly following the elimination phase to go to waste. But I also wasn’t entirely scientific in my ...
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The Autoimmune Protocol: Reintroductions

It’s day 65 on the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP), and this week, I reintroduced black pepper. I was nervous. I tried to reintroduce black pepper about a month ago, and had a rough flare that week. Looking back, I wouldn’t say it was the pepper’s fault – I had just returned from my first weekend of travel on AIP, was ramping ...
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I have a chronic illness, and I am grieving.

A friend recently shared her journey through grief in accepting her autoimmune diagnosis and chronic illness. She inspired me to do the same, because I am grieving. In gaining this diagnosis, I lost my health. I lost the life I am accustomed to living. I lost who I am, but then again, maybe I didn't.  In my last update, I shared my ...
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I Ran an Ultramarathon on the Autoimmune Protocol

Two weeks into my elimination phase of the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP), I ran an ultramarathon. I didn’t plan this, entirely. The race had been on my calendar for months, and training was going pretty well considering my symptoms and fatigue. While it wasn’t my first ultra-distance race, it was my first ultra on the Autoimmune Protocol, which made things slightly ...
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The Autoimmune Protocol

Let’s talk food. Specifically, let’s talk Autoimmune Protocol food. An Autoimmune Disease Diagnosis I recently shared my Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis diagnosis, and what I’m doing about it. My first line of defense was supplements to combat my body’s inflammation. Next, while I determine my route for thyroid hormone supplementation, I’m working to heal my gut and immune system through an elimination ...
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When the immune system goes rogue: Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis

Hashimoto's Thyroiditis and Autoimmune Disease I was covered in mud. Splatters of grime, red clay, and wet dirt speckled well past my running skirt. My shoes, once a deep purple, were a dark brown and squished over the singletrack. My breath was somewhere between labored and controlled, muffled by the steady rain and wind. Arms pumping, legs flying over the ...
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Summiting Mt. Baldy

Mt. Baldy – an Adventure Recap

There’s a fine line between badassery and stupidity, and in trail running you often straddle it.  "We're not going there are we?" We stood at the Mt. Baldy trailhead, necks craned to see the snow-covered ridge. I fiddled with my handheld as I watched the hikers around me affix ice axes to their packs and adjust their softshell pants. I looked ...
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Let's Adventure

Let’s adventure, I’m coaching!

I'm coaching! I'm officially opening up coaching services for road runners, trail runners, weekend warriors, triathletes, and adventurers of all abilities and goals. I offer personalized one-on-one coaching, tailored training plans, and distance-specific training plans to help you accomplish your goal, whether that be consistency in your daily training or your first Ironman. How does coaching work? All it requires ...
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Coming Home

Nine months ago, my psychologist recommended I go on antidepressants. I was numb. Detached. Passively watching the world fade in and out of focus. I lived in the spaces between panic attacks, and my disordered behaviors around food and training intensified. I was claustrophobic, trapped inside a version of myself I no longer recognized. Since that appointment, I’ve made some ...
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I am an active woman. At any weight.

I am an active woman. At any weight. HGTV hummed in the background and a stack of gossip magazines were lazily stacked on the table next to me. My hands rested on my lap, tightly woven together. Thumbs anxiously pressed against each other, I hummed to myself. A combination of Beyoncé and Sylvan Esso circulated through my head – my ...
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