Let’s adventure, I’m coaching!

Let's Adventure

I’m coaching!

I’m officially opening up coaching services for road runners, trail runners, weekend warriors, triathletes, and adventurers of all abilities and goals. I offer personalized one-on-one coaching, tailored training plans, and distance-specific training plans to help you accomplish your goal, whether that be consistency in your daily training or your first Ironman.

How does coaching work?

All it requires is your willingness to do hard things – and to learn about yourself in the process. I work with athletes of all abilities and backgrounds, and my training philosophy is one of balance and joy. We will work to bring joy into your daily training and life, balancing your goals with your passions, life, and the spontaneous opportunity for adventure.

As a coach, my athletes prioritize three key pillars in their training:

  1. Listening to your body – As athletes, it’s easy to ignore our body’s messages in favor of getting in that final interval or pushing through for a PR. In some cases this is an important skill to have; in others, it is imperative to learn to listen and respect our bodies’ needs and cravings. We will work together to break through your body’s code and speak its language – and use it to your advantage.
  2. Balance – Stress is stress is stress. Our bodies compute a stressful day in the office in the same way it computes a taxing tempo run. Rather than battle through life’s unpredictability, we will use this to our advantage. We will prioritize balance above all else, getting you to each adventure healthy, fit, and ready.
  3. Adventure – Every finish line is a learning opportunity – and while we will train and work hard, we will also view each day as an opportunity to prepare for more than a single race or daunting goal. Life is full of hard things – and our goal will be to help you prepare for every challenge, whether that is consistency in training or a 100-mile trail race.

Why do I need a coach?

Perhaps you have a specific goal in mind or maybe you want some guidance to your training. Maybe you’re coming off an injury or you’ve hit a plateau in your endeavors. Or maybe you just want a teammate – someone to guide your efforts for your next adventure. Hiring a coach provides the discipline some may lack in their training – whether that is to get out the door for a workout or the discipline to adequately rest. Whether you want one-on-one personalized coaching or a training plan for your next race, we can work together to help you achieve your next goal.

Can I work with you?

The short answer – yes! Shoot me an email and we can talk details about your life, your goals, and what hard things you dream about completing. I have expertise in various endurance endeavors, including road and trail running, triathlon, cycling, and swimrunning. Whether you have a goal in mind or want some help brainstorming, we can work together to get your adventure started.

I am particularly passionate about helping those recovering from eating disorders, bone injuries, and the female athlete triad and seeking to mindfully incorporate more activity and physical challenges into their recovery. This also includes disordered eating, compulsive exercise, bone injuries, hormonal imbalances, and amenorrhea. Interested in learning more about my work in this area? Check out the non-profit I co-founded, the Lane 9 Project!

How much does it cost?

I offer one-on-one coaching, personalized training plans, and race-specific training plans for purchase. Send me an email and we can determine what works best for you to achieve your goals. Here’s what you can expect from me:

  • One on one coaching, with daily check-ins and unlimited contact.
  • A personalized plan tailored to your background and what you’re running (or swimming or biking) toward.
  • Flexibility for your life.

Interested? Let’s chat!

Why coaching?

It all started around 2 a.m. somewhere in the Sawatch Range near Leadville, Colo. We weren’t running, per say, more so stumbling along a rugged fire road, making our way down the day’s final mountain. Words of encouragement were met with whispered grunts and the occasional profanity. We reached a rhythm: shuffle-step-shuffle-“sh*t!”-step-hobble-trip-“look out…”-grunt. We kept this rhythm, following the trail of flickering headlamps, lost in our own abyss of pain, suffering, and unsheathed persistence.

Two hours prior, I was huddled among strangers, sharing warmth and tales of adventure around a roaring fire. It was a summer night, but at 10,000 feet “summer” required three layers of wool and a stranger’s down jacket. I was nervous. A friend asked me to pace his final 25-ish miles of the Leadville 100: His first 100-mile race, my first pacing experience. Together we were a ball of nerves, exhaustion, and human emotion. Around 1 a.m. I heard his number called, peeled off my layers, donned my pack, and found him – confident, running, asking coherently for caffeine. This didn’t last long.

As we left the aid station, we were rolling. Hollering, laughing, and jogging our way through the night, I was confident – He was cruising! This pacing thing would be easy! – This quickly changed.

We were two of hundreds of headlamps flickering along the edge of this mountain, stumbling our way toward the unknown. I called out every root, rock, and snag in the trail. He responded with a whispered four-letter word and the occasional grunt. Conversation was out of the question. Simple questions were our limit.

Have you eaten?


Did you drink that bottle yet?


Drink it.


That wasn’t a question.

I watched my friend become a shell of a human. He sank deeper and deeper into this personalized abyss, a dark cavern of uncertainty, persistence, and pain. I was not there to encourage him. I was not there to be kind. I was there to push him deeper into the darkness – to force him into places he’d never been before – and to remind him that he is strong enough to make it to the other side. I was there to remind him that the determination, will, and resolve required to do this incredibly hard thing lay within him, waiting to be awakened.

Eight hours later, as we walked through the warm sunlight, celebrating each tenth of a mile covered, I saw this strength. I saw this will. I saw the human condition in its rawest form – and with it our capacity to do incredibly hard things.

I watched my friend break into a run toward the finish line. He shuffled, hobbled, and limped, and each step was a beautiful testament to human achievement. I peeled off and snuck into the crowded sidelines, overwhelmed with joy and awe as I watched him cross the line, exuberant, victorious, exhausted.

Where it began - pacing the Leadville 100

I’ve experienced the exhilaration of meeting a daunting goal, but no accomplishment can match the joy, awe, and satisfaction I experienced helping my friend cross his finish line. And now, I want to help you cross yours.

As a coach, I am here to help you do hard things. I am here to help you find the determination, will, and resolve lying dormant within you, waiting to be awakened. And I want to have some fun while we do it.

<< 2017 Leadville 100 finish. All smiles, with hardware in hand.

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