More than “Enough”

Friends and acquaintances alike have reached out over various mediums (email, Facebook, warm mugs of tea, emojis…) to tell me how much they can relate to my experience expressed in my latest post, “Enough.” The post was mainly my way of sharing my thoughts on my personal journey through self-awareness and seeking to better understand my own identity and authenticity. It turns out a lot of my peers are deep in the trenches of this process. Many of us are asking these questions of ourselves. The matter of identity is a timely one.

I was a little nervous to share that post. Much of it is verbatim from my personal journal (with slightly better comma usage), which I usually keep securely to myself for fear of judgement and overexposure. But what is the point of pursuing authenticity without seeking your own truth, whatever it may be. Exposing who you are – the parts you would gladly share and the bits and pieces you’d rather keep hidden – is the essence of finding contentment and gratitude within your own identity. Whether that process is through journaling, running, reading, or blogging, discovering and exposing the inner workings of oneself is grounding and inspiring.

It appears that many of us, my collegiate peers in particular, are yearning for this exposure. For something raw, unfiltered, and real. I’m thrilled to help start this conversation.


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