OSMO Nutrition – a well-fueled sponsorship

This is exciting.

The first time I’d heard about Osmo Nutrition was at The Running and Fitness Event for Women held in Chicago last July. I was representing Triathlete Magazine as an intern and had the opportunity to meet Stacy Sims, the mastermind behind Osmo. Stacy spoke about the finite differences between men’s and women’s physiologies, particularly the differences in hydration and nutritional needs between male and female athletes. I found myself continuously nodding and clamoring to learn more. Everything she said made so much sense. I felt empowered. Between the moto, “Women are not small men,” and the concept of gender-specific fueling, you can’t go wrong. I was hooked.

And now, I’m officially a member of Osmo Nutrition’s Elite Sponsorship Program! Knowledge is power, and so is the right hydration system.

Osmo Nutrition provides a complete hydration system, from pre-loading your hydration the day before a big race to fueling during your performance to their deviously delicious recovery mix. Osmo’s mantra – to hydrate according to your physiology – is one I, and many female athletes, can relate to. The athletic industry is filled with plentiful sports nutrition and hydration products, most of which are formulated by men, for men. Few products are catered, tested and made by women, for women. Osmo, however, has women’s and men’s specific hydration systems – making me confident in their products and in my fuel for training. I drink Osmo daily, sometimes multiple times a day. No workout is complete until it is finished with Osmo Recovery.

For women, Osmo’s acute recovery mix has a higher protein to carbohydrate ratio than most drink mixes. The common ratio proven by science is a 4:1 carb to protein ratio. These studies, however, were all completed by men, for men. Women, as Stacy Sims found in her research, require a higher amount of protein to fuel their recovery. Women’s recovery fueling windows are much smaller than men’s as well. According to Sims’ research, women have a measly 30-minute window of time to get the necessary nutrients in post workout, while men have hours. Between school, training and the excitement that can be college, it can be difficult to sufficiently fuel within 30 minutes of every workout. Enter Osmo Acute Recovery for Women. This is the stuff. With 15 grams of protein and only four grams of carbs, Osmo Recovery leaves me confident in my fueling and helps me get physically ready for my next workout – which is often just hours after my first. Not to mention, the honey and spice flavor is delicious. That’s right, a recovery drink mix that I actually enjoy drinking. No wonder I’m addicted to the stuff. I recommend it mixed with Califia Farms Mocha Ice Coffee and Almond Milk. Combine that with the endorphins after a good run, and you are in Osmo-fueled heaven.

I am so excited to support a company that I believe in, and that believes in me. I cannot wait to see what the future holds. Here’s to some great training and even better recovery shakes.

To learn more about Osmo, check out these videos.

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