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Hello! My name is Samantha Strong.

I am a coach, communicator, and adventurer based in Denver, Colo. I am also the co-founder of the Lane 9 Project, a nonprofit dedicated to educating active women and girls about eating disorders, reproductive health, nutrition, and body image.

I strive to live simply, frugally, and adventurously.

On this site, I share my experiences in natural living, holistic wellness, personal finance, and adventure. We talk mental illness, women’s health, mountain adventures, and how to live holistically, naturally, and on a budget. There’s also a bit on personal finance, simple living, and life philosophies.


As a coach, I help people do hard things. I will help you cross your finish line, whether that be your first 5K or an ultramarathon. I love working with women with chronic illness seeking to safely – and healthfully – maintain their athletic pursuits and passions. I also work with those recovering from eating disorders and aiming to include activity – and physical challenges – into their recovery.


The written word is my chosen vehicle of communication. My words are featured in Women’s RunningTriathlete Magazine, Trail Sisters, and Velo. I lead communication efforts and social media campaigns for non-profits, small businesses, and academic institutions. I am a copyeditor, ghostwriter, communications strategist, social media consultant, and journalist. An ethicist by training, I have experience in the fields of bioethics, philosophy, health policy, and medicine.


I am at home in the wilderness. Getting outside – and outside my comfort zone – was (and is) a catalyst for my recovery from an eating disorder and crippling anxiety. My activity of choice is romping on the trails – whether that be in an ultramarathon, swimrun, or orienteering event. I am a question and mountain enthusiast and am happiest pondering in the woods.