Stop whatever you’re doing right now. We’re making pancakes.

I’ve been craving pancakes lately, but I’ve also been somewhat lazy and lacking the necessary ingredients to make delicious gluten-free pancakes (oat flour, sorghum flour, etc.), so I opted for these protein-packed super-easy pancakes.

Two-ingredient pancakes

Serves 1. Prep and cook time: 5 minutes.


1 ripe banana

2 eggs

Optional – 1/8 teaspoon baking powder (to make them a bit fluffier) and some cinnamon

*I also added some chopped pecans to the batter once I poured it in the pan, you could add anything, nuts, granola, blueberries, all kinds of delicious.

Mash the banana in a small bowl. Add in the eggs, mix. Add in baking powder and cinnamon, mix until combined.

I only had to use a small pad of butter in the pan for the first pancake, and it was fine for the rest of the batch. Some pancakes were a bit more done than I’d like, so make sure you keep the burner on low to medium heat, most likely on the low side. The pancakes cook very quickly; don’t leave the pan once you pour the batter, I made the mistake of texting my mom and got a somewhat burnt pancake. Don’t do that. They can be somewhat difficult to flip, but that didn’t hinder the taste in the least.

I ended up using an omelette pan and cooking them one at a time, but with a griddle you could probably get the entire batch done in one round. Serve them with whatever you’d like; I had applesauce on hand. It was delicious.

Let me know if you have any quick and easy recipe ideas; I’d love to test them out!

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