The Intimidation Factor

Well, this is rather intimidating.

I’ve been staring at a blinking cursor for about an hour now, so we’re just going to dive in. Start writing things and cross our fingers they’re cohesive. Here goes…

I started this blog to get over the intimidation of sharing my writing, my thoughts and my passions. But I also started it to serve as a foundation for such passions; to become a place I can turn back to and remember my journey and the many tumbles, leaps and bounds within it. The journey is ever-lasting, but for now let’s start with a brief introduction.

I’m somewhat vertically challenged, have a slight obsession with music and a major obsession with triathlons. I enjoy going to bed early and getting up before the sun (at least that’s what I tell myself when I set my alarm each night). I am a firm believer in taking chances, but sometimes have trouble taking them myself. I binge on Honey-nut Chex and will never turn down a chunk of high-quality French cheese. I have attachment anxiety with my bike and waste as much time as possible on the pool deck before I start a swim workout. There is no better feeling than when everything clicks on a run. I’m gifted at the art of overanalyzing, and I love independent films.

I’m happiest when I’m training.

Okay. That wasn’t so bad. I might just keep writing.

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