The List

I had a list of things to write this blog entry about. A long list. And yet none of them are all that enticing, but I still feel like writing. So this will be a bit off the cuff… Bear with me.

I’ll start with a list.

– A friend I haven’t seen in nearly a year contacted me, and it made my day. I trepidatiously adventured into the world of FaceTime, and we actually talked, without typing into a keyboard. It was wonderful.
– I’ve laughed so hard I cried three times. All in the presence of the same person.
– This same person made me laugh out loud in a public place. While standing alone. In line at Panera. And in line at Target. And while sitting in class. Sometimes it seems I only get obscure stares.
– I’ve had dinner with a Pulitzer Prize winner.
– I’ve pushed myself so hard during a cycling workout that I started making noises similar to that of a dying squirrel. Unfortunately, I wasn’t alone during this workout; there were spectators.
– I’ve finally mastered side arm balance during a Bikram yoga class.
– I’ve had one minor meltdown, followed by a hard run. The run counteracted the meltdown.
– I’ve had conversations about Utilitarianism, C.S. Lewis, religion, curry, polar vortexes, love, aerodynamics, juicing vegetables and upward mobility. All with the same person during a single dinner conversation.
– I’ve thought of certain people and immediately smiled, just by thinking of their names. Again, I received some odd looks.

There’s only one thing the items on this list have in common: Bloomington. It’s hard to believe a year ago, I refused to even consider going to IU. Now, I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Bloomington has become so much more than my place of residence eight months of the year, it has become my home. A place I can wander the dorm halls with my foam roller and compression socks in hand without a fear of being judged. A place I can eat almond butter out of the jar with a spoon without being questioned. A place I have found the people I can trust with anything. A place where I feel confident enough to step out of my comfort zone and take a chance, knowing I have others to catch me if I fall. Bloomington has become so much more than the confines of Indiana University, it has become my place of exploration in my physical, mental and emotional limits. While there have been tough times, days and even weeks, Bloomington comforts me. My best friends are in Bloomington. My mentors, roles models and educators are in Bloomington. My goals and aspirations have originated here, and I hope to see some accomplished here as well.

I wasn’t too sure of myself, my situation or who I was last August when I first moved in. While I’m still not too sure of who I am, I am slightly more sure of where I’m going. And I know I couldn’t get there without the support, knowledge and friendship I’ve found in Bloomington.

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